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Resellers and Bulk Buyers

Additional Benefits for Resellers:

Benefit 1: Reseller discounts. The discount varies from 0 up to 50% depends different models.

Benefit 2: Packed by piece or sets as your wish.

Benefit 3: Deliveries with you as the sender.

How to Become a Reseller of BestVane?

Method 1: When your first order value more than $ 1200, we will give discounted price in all future orders.

Method 2: Order Carbon Vanes every month (there is no minimum order), and the discount will start in your 3rd order.

Bulk Buyers

If you want buy in bulk without BV brand package (estimated order value more than 8000USD), we will give you the most competitive price, including the economic shipping methods. We can also provide customization service for bulk buyers, such as laser printing on the products with your own design.

Any interest to become our resellers or bulk buyers, please contact with us: sales@bestvane.com